Revive Personal Training and Small Groups

ZUMBA is a fitness program that includes elements of aerobics and dance. In choreography incorporates elements from: hip hop, samba, salsa, mambo, martial arts, Latin and even belly dancing and Bollywood.


In 1986, the aerobics instructor Alberto “Beto” Perez had forgotten music cassette to the lesson. So, to meet the needs of the course, used the cartridges that he had with him, including Salsa and meringue and he improvised, adapting it to this music. The class loved it and so was born the ZumbaRFitness. Then, such courses introduced in Colombia and in 2001 moved to the US where his method became known.
Zumba is not a dance lesson but fitness program, however, the trainee acquires a basic knowledge of rhythms and dances, gaining a certain dance flair!
Zumba Fitness is the most fun form of exercise with slogan “Ditch the workout … Join to the Party”, because the trainee really has the feeling of being at a party!

The pleasant nature of the course does not make it less effective, since it is a kind of interval training, where alternating slow and fast rates, making it very possible to burn calories with multiple benefits:

  • It exercises the entire body while focusing due to Latin beats, buttocks and abs.
  • It contributes significantly to improve the strength of muscle coordination, flexibility and circulation, strengthening the heart and lungs.

The Zumba is not only active on the health of the body and the soul. What makes Zumba so popular and necessary, especially in our time, is the ability to create a pleasant mood to the trainee and reduce stress, making it a kind of psychotherapy!
For those wondering how many calories “burned” during a lesson zumba, although some “experts” will answer that they lost approximately 400-800 calories per hour, this is not accurate as it depends on each person and the intensity of the program.






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