Revive Personal Training and Small Groups

The benefits to the body, to our balance, combined with aerobic exercise and strength training, make trampoline the most ideal exercise for those who want to lose weight while having fun!

It’s the ideal solution for those who are bored with standard exercise offered by gym classes and want something fun and without limits.


Another advantage of this type of exercise is that benefits and the lymphatic system, helping to defend against viruses and infections, because helps the body to detoxify.

Work with trampoline because:
1. You will laugh like a child and fill your body with endorphins, hormones of good mood!
2. Eliminate from your body all the toxins, since you will sweat like never before
3. You will fight easier abdominal fat!
4. After the exercise you will feel lighter like flying instead of walking!

The trampoline is an interval training program that highly “motivates” athlete (highly motivating interval training program), and also includes a series of progressive exercises in simple sequence always with music!

You will love it … another reason to start exercising!






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