Revive Personal Training and Small Groups

In recent years has been noticed a shift of trainees in new kinds of practice, very different from what we call conventional. One of the kinds that is used a lot is the Cross training. By definition (cross training), we understand that this refers to a complex activity, which can include many aerobic and anaerobic activity in a single workout.


Aims at beginners and practitioners to very advanced athletes. It is worth noting that this kind of practice apply even to professional sports clubs in the period of preparation.

The benefits of functional training are many, choosing appropriate activities to use accordingly, our entire musculature. Also, it is easily understood when we use only one or two muscle groups per workout, the risk of injury is considerably higher.

Giving burden in many muscles, provides uniform physical development and has better aesthetic result. Alternating the type of exercise in the same workout, avoiding the routine of training, makes it really difficult to get bored.

Also, the choice of multiple activities allows the practitioner to integrate in the workout many types of activities, even his favorite sports.

It combines aerobic and anaerobic activity in a workout resulting in dramatic improvement in strength, endurance and flexibility in a single workout. It is easily understood that the combination of intensity and duration literally boosts metabolism.

All these characteristics of functional training that adapts to all levels of practitioners, integration exercises they train several muscle groups simultaneously and the quick switch of exercises in training, have highlighted Cross Training probably as the most effective training program.






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