Revive Personal Training and Small Groups

Kids Krav-Maga is a modern educational program that provides real solutions and helps children to be strong, full of confidence and love for life. Children acquire methodically using fun and games the ability to protect themselves.

Each course is filled with fun and activities that develop children’s skills such as balance, strength, speed, agility, coordination, confidence and dynamism.

Kids Krav-Maga
Self – defense

At Kids Krav-Maga children will learn practical self-defense solutions to protect themselves from the bad behavior among their schoolmates (Bullying), hard game (pokes, pulls), improper behavior (inappropriate touches), and even the abduction attempt.
Children are taught to identify and recognize the risk to use their voice, running to escape and some mild and safe solutions for self-defense to protect themselves in dangerous or unpleasant situations.

Through this lesson the children will be educated in other aspects that will help them in their everyday life, such as the careful diet, fire safety, road safety, dangers at home (current, burns), outdoors safety, safety away from home (in malls, using transportation, playground, at sea), as well as bullying (Bullying) and the dangers from adults.

The Kids Krav-Maga gives children some simple and practical tools to protect themselves, So that the child may be a better person!






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