Revive Personal Training and Small Groups

Pilates is an exercise system that can change the life of the practitioner. Improves flexibility, develops strength and endurance in the body. Places particular emphasis on centering, breathing and development of the body center, improving the timing and balance. Allows various exercises be modified to vary the degree of difficulty from beginner to advanced and of course depending on the target set by the trainee and the trainer. The volume may be increased over time as the body strengthens and adapted exercises.

The beneficial workout of Pilates becomes even more visible when using the most popular material used in Pilates and is the bed Reformer.


Pilates Reformer provides the benefits of Pilates including strength, flexibility and balance. As a result improves the everyday practitioner who obtains better posture, movement and many pain relief as in the middle and back.
Strengthening the Pilates respect to the core muscles. Flat abs, strong backs, toned buttocks and hips are the results which emphasized. All this is enhanced by the unique and varied exercises that provide the Reformer.






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